Andes Ski Trip

On January 11 4th grade and older students are invited to go skiing at Andes Tower Hills.  The cost for skiing for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students is $39.00 + tax or $41.25.  The cost for older students and adults is $25 to ski and $35 to snowboard (this includes the lift fee).  There is also a $10 fee for bus transportation.  The bus will leave after school and return around 9:30.  Completed registration and rental forms are required.  

The forms will be given to 4-6 grade students when school resumes in January.  Older students should see Mr. Motzko for the necessary forms.

The fee of $41.25 covers future trips that are planned for January 25, February 15, and March 1 weather permitting.  Older students and adults need to pay the rental and lift fee each time they participate in a skiing trip.