A Look to the Future
Eagle Valley District Planning December 27, 2013

The Eagle Valley School Board had previously prioritized goals which included moving the majority of our academic programming to the Clarissa facility. Although a “change” it has proven to be the right decision.  Overall management of students, classroom accountability & communication within one facility for a District our size makes sense. We have up to this point, continued to house our Business & Superintendent office, Shop/Ag, ART and FACS (Home-Ec) program; and utilize the gym/auditorium space in Eagle Bend.

As a Board, we recently made a decision to close the Eagle Bend facility the end of January 2014.  (The financial burden of operating both and additional busing has proven to be a stretch on our overall budget.)  We anticipate a savings of up to $50,000.00 for the remainder of the fiscal year, which in turn will assist us with having a balanced budget and provide us with the opportunity to designate funds for student programming and minimize further budget reductions.

We also knew these current years will be financially tough as we experienced a steep decline in specific class sizes in our secondary grades from years prior. These numbers are projected to increase significantly over the next several years, while our two/three year old through elementary school age population is increasing or remaining consistent.

As a District we have made several wise decisions including:

  • Investing specific dollars to expand Pre-school offerings at Eagle Valley
  •  Maintaining small class sizes at the Kindergarten and 1st grade levels,  and
  • Developing a Middle School level program for grades 5-8  

With the support of our Regional Service Center assisting the district as financial consultants and our current Administration (not to mention having had veteran Superintendent Tom Ames) we are streamlining and have instituted additional financial controls.

We have made sound decisions to invest in small class sizes, innovative programming, facilities and technology instead of following the past 20+ year trend of cutting corners.  Just as any business or District when finances are limited, we must evaluate carefully the essential current and future needs of Eagle Valley.  This includes retaining a consistent –high level teaching staff and Administration, further enhancing technology and comprehensive learning options in the overall best interest of the students and the needs of our community.

Our initial goal and commitment has not changed; we want a sustainable district to call our own in Eagle Valley!


Eagle Valley School Board

Sharon Notch, Chairperson

Adam Riedel, Twila Pierce, Shawn Rowe, Michael Stormoen, Joel Godding, Allen Bailey